Hoshiah7, Inc. (hereafter referred to as Hoshiah7) is an incorporated nonprofit (501(c)(3) organization, primarily devoted to promoting the successful re-entry of formerly incarcerated individuals back into society.  Hoshiah7 offers formerly incarcerated Women and Veterans a progressive re-entry program, devoted to addressing the target population’s spiritual, psychological, physical, and socioeconomic wellbeing.  Hoshiah7’s wholistic approach to supporting the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals is based on providing transitional to permanent housing or (Domestic Survivor Homes when needed), and mental health evaluations and services, job preparation and employment.  It is Hoshiah7’s primary goal to help everyone to successfully transition from life in prison, off the streets to becoming independent and productive members of society.  Represented in all aspects of Hoshiah7’s operational core values: Community, Youth Mentorship (By Parental Consent), Acceptance, Emotional Wellbeing, Empowerment and Personal Development.

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Mr. Carter L. Ward, President & CEO

Contact us at: hoshiah7@gmail.com


Phone: (516) 800-6251 Cell

    (516) 610-6440 work/text

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Dedicated To Restoring Hope, Confidence, Courage And A New Start To  All Those Who Enter Our Doors. 

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