Founded By Carter L. Ward, President & CEO


To create a viable, progressive, life changing, successful re-entry program, by providing transitional housings, and jobs, that will help previously incarcerated individuals in New York; Veteran Heroes in North Carolina, and a Safe passage to our non-disclosed Domestic Survivor Homes in Alabama and Texas. The latter will get resources and a new start; Our Heroes, will receive all the resources needed for independent living, which include transfers to other states and our previously incarcerated citizens, will have a smooth, hands-on transition, reintegrating back into society. Hoshiah7 will also give back to the community by helping our youths coming out of school bridge the abyss of crime in the streets, with mentoring and vocational programs.

OUR PURPOSE: Is to create life changing solutions in the Lives of Women, Men, and Youths that will provide them with lasting individual solutions, set standards to avoid several pitfalls for previously incarcerated individuals, including, but not limited to avoiding recidivism; to house and support Homeless Veterans.  Hoshiah7, will provide an entryway and an exit to and from other states for Survivors of Domestic Violence to start over. Along with housing, we will provide multifaceted counselling, including drug counseling, (insourced) mental health counselling, mentoring, on the job training, (in conjunction with other employers). Hoshiah7, will also refresh social skills along with etiquette training, especially for young men, within our purpose, with testimonials from previously incarcerated individuals, reentering society, to deter Youths from going down their previous paths; by providing them with (parental consent) approved after school programs. There will be mandated attire (for new releasees), resume development for job preparation, financial planning, and eventually independent living for all the above.

OUR TEAM’S VISION:  Is to continue the Mission with a Sincere Purpose, that will hopefully, result in lasting change in the lives of many who comes through  Hoshiah7’s doors, including mentoring our community youths,  helping them discover their purpose in life, by making the right choices before it's too late; helping Domestic Survivors find peace apart from pain; to deter recidivism for  citizens reentering society;  to give our Veterans the resources needed to transition back to the civilian work force, and to help all the above to  become and remain Caring Productive Members of Society.